5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

1) Competition.  This is one of the strongest  reasons to have a website.  You know your competitors have a website.  Don’t lose customers to them!  If you are local, adding a printable map showing your location is a great convenience for your customer.

2)    Convenience.  Think of a website as your new digital business card. a customer can conveniently find you when you have a web presence. more information that could never fit on your paper business card.   You want to be recommended? “I don’t have their business card but you can visit their website!”

3)    Credibility. I’m sure you’ve heard a professional looking website provides you with your first chance at making a good impression on a customer.  A website shows that you are committed to your business and the customer is important to you. You might find that customers are more willing to do business with you because you have a website. Think of it as making that website investment for THEM!

4)     Build Relationships.  Building relationships with customers via your website by sending them monthly emails or newsletters to stay in touch.  It is easier to get people to visit your website and understand your business. A customer service tool. customers can reach you 24 hours 7 days a  week, by e-mail. Building relationships in business through a website is a strong advantage.

5)    Advertising. A website is a very inexpensive form of advertising. You can offer Customers information about your products or services. You can make changes —seasonal or monthly reflected by  photos or prices and weekend specials.  The sky is the limit!  send emails, publicize sales and special offers.  An online limited offer is a great  way of showcasing your business and keeping customers!